Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fourth of July weekend and the garden!

Hey! Just thought I would tell you about my fourth of July weekend! Thursday night, my family and I went to a game night at some friends house,with some of our church family! We played balderdash, Snorta and 99 or bust! I loved all of those games! Than on Friday, we went to a party at some friends house around 4:00. That was alot of fun! There were several babies and little kids to play with, and lots of yummy food! when it got dark we did fireworks! They live out in the country so I was exited to get to go out there! We got home around 12:30 am! on Saturday my parents went out of town to visit one of my older brothers and his wife, and there baby that is due in August! One of my older sisters and her husband came and picked us up, and took is to there house,to stay the night. we had a bible reading challenge meeting, on Saturday so we were there for that! afterwards, my brother-in-laws sister (who lives down the street from my sister and brother-in-law) said that she was going to spend the night too! but first,she had to feed the animals back home. so we went with her! And I got to help her with their horses! Then we came back to my sisters house and watched a movie! and went to bed around 1:00 am! On Sunday we went to church and then had potluck there at church! and then finally we came home,and just rested!!   What did you do for fourth of July?
Here is a decoration that my sister Faith and I made for the 4th!

I've been working in our garden, getting it ready to plant!!
The Dirt!
Our garden is about 20 feet by 20 feet! I've been shoveling the ground up instead of tilling. It's alot of work! In the upper right corner, you can see that we still have jalapenos growing! In the back of this picture is our chicken coop, that my brother Chris built! I'm getting some cow patty's from a friend to put in the dirt and we have a compost pile that I will put in there too! My goal is to have the dirt ready to plant by  July 21!!
Here is a picture of two of my sisters and I, making cookies for the conference a couple of weeks ago!

Can you guess which one is me!?
 Do you have a garden!? That's all for now! -Blessings--Rebekah

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