Friday, July 4, 2014

Come Away with Jesus conference!-Part 2

 3.Come Away From Half-Hearted Devotion: John 15:16 We will shrivel up and die unless we CLING to Jesus, just as the branch clings to the vine for its survival. We cannot cling to Him if we are clinging to anything else. Matthew 6:24 Our Christianity only works when we cling unashamedly to the cross and lift it high for all to see. --As you go about your daily life, do people know you are with Jesus? do they see you clinging to His cross, or standing ashamedly a few feet away?  So those are three things to leave behind.

                                               And a forth thing we must never leave:
       Come Away With Your Beloved: Do we possess a to-the-death loyalty to our true king? Psalm 84:10              I think that question speaks for itself!
                                                        Incorruptible Beauty: 1 Peter 3:4
                          What is True Feminine Beauty? "Inner" beauty vs. "Incorruptible" beauty.
 Inner Beauty: being confident in who you are; having a positive "sense of self"; appreciating your own uniqueness and personal qualities. While these are not bad things, this quote kinda says it all "If a soul has any beauty, it is because Christ has endowed that soul with His own, for i ourselves we are deformed and defiled! There is no beauty in any of us but what our Lord has worked in us." Charles Spurgeon

Incorruptible Beauty: Literal meaning: uncorrupted (Pure) and immortal (of Heaven, not earth). In other words.... Reflecting the purity and Heavenly nature of Jesus Christ in and through your character and conduct. Christianity is not about esteeming self; but denying self and esteeming Christ. Luke 9:23 Deny: To forget one's self; lose sight of one's own interests. John 3:29,30  "A foolish woman is clamorous." Proverbs 9:13 Clamorous:To make noise, to draw attention to oneself, to cause a stir.  To exude the incorruptible beauty of a quite spirit means to no longer draw attention to yourself, but to keep "self" quite, so that Jesus can be seen and heard through your life.  Three Ways To Cultivate Incorruptible Beauty:
                                   1. Exchange self-promotion for Godly Humility.
                                   2. Exchange Idle chatter for Godly Edification.
                                   3. Exchange Temporal Distractions for True Satisfaction.

1. Exchange Self-Promotion for Godly Humility: "Until we are poor in spirit-Christ is never precious. until we see our own wants, we never see Christ's worth" Thomas Watson

          Oh, The Many Ways to "Look at me!"
              Social media--"Look at me!"
              Posting Selfies--"Look at me!"
              Sensual clothing--"Look at me!"
              Flirting--"Look at me!"
              Pinterest boards--"Look at me!"
What would happen if we as Christian women began to put aside our self-seeking ambitions and joyfully take the lowest place, just as Jesus did? How much more of Jesus would people see in our lives if we adopted the attitude, "I must decrease, but He must increase"? Philippians 2:5,7 "What I'm called to be is nothing: Jesus made Himself nothing." Elisabeth Elliot

2. Exchange Idle Chatter for Godly Edification: Proverbs 14:23 2 Timothy 2:16  Idle babbling: empty discussion, discussion of vain and useless matters. Romans 14:19  Edify: To build someone up in their faith, to promote another person's growth in christian wisdom, piety, holiness, etc. Matthew 12:36

To Truly Edify others with our Words, Tweets, Text or Posts- We must ask ourselves.....
 Do these words truly point people to Jesus Christ and reflect His nature?
 Do these words serve any higher purpose other than to fill space with idle chatter?
 Do these words honer God, or do they esteem the shallow things of this world?
  Proverbs 31:26

3. Exchange Temporal  Distractions for True Satisfaction: Does the majority of your time, go to things of eternal value? Psalm 16:11

"Me" Time vs. God Time. When Evaluating any Daily Activity- Ask yourself these questions.....
  Am I doing this for selfish reasons, or Christ-honoring ones?
  Is this activity purely frivolous, or does it serve a higher purpose?

                          If an Activity Has Eternal Value.....
  It causes you to draw closer to Jesus Christ and/or learn more about Him.
  It builds meaningful relationships with people God has put in your life.
  It helps you bless others and assist you in sharing the love of Christ with them.
  It helps you become better equipped for the things God has called you to.
  It leaves you peacefully refreshed instead of agitated and distracted.
  It bears "good fruit" instead of "bad fruit" in your life
True beauty does not come from "felling good about ourselves" but from getting out of the way, so Jesus can be seen.    

                                                                              I really loved it and hope you did to! Blessings-Rebekah

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