Thursday, August 7, 2014


This week we painted our laundry room!
Before! Cleaning it out first! (Sorry, it's a bad picture!)

Painting shelves! 

More shelf painting! We painted the whole room, but I don't have pictures of that!
Finished! Again, not very good picture. the walls are pink, the shelves are a bright white! We organized everything!
  Organized! We got the bucket things from target, for a dollar each! (Mix up actually, they were suppose to be 3 dollars each but some how we got them for a dollar each!!)
                                                     Broom/dust pan, and mop spot!
We also moved stuff around and took out a dirty clothes bucket for the girls, and got a hamper for our room!! It's soo much nicer now and easier to do things! And It was a fun and spontaneous thing to do!   Well, that's it for now!-Blessings-Rebekah

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  1. Awesome! I always love stepping back and admiring hard work! Sure feels good to get organized too!